Who Is Shiva?

I am a Inbound & digital marketing strategist and currently working with IBG Digital as digital marketing manager. During my working career in this domain I had worked with multiple companies from software, IT comapany to agencies. I believe in learning & sharing so I mostly spend my time on researching, reading books and consulting SME Businesses.

With the over 4 years of experience and the title of digital marketer I had gain diversed experience in digital skill-sets. >>>


A brief description of myself.

Hi! How you doing?

Hope you are doing good. Today I will tell you my story how I ended up in this profession. Let’s go few years back when I was on my early 20’s and been killing my time on chating with friends, sending request to hot girls (ha haa ), downloading , browsing, youtubing blah, blah..

I knew back then that I was a dumbass (sorry for the word ), but there is nothing I can help  unless one day I came across a blog in facebook how people are making money while browing internet. So I was thinking if they are making money why not me?

The term money is such a fascinating word which make everyone looks greedy even I was lure with the blog and started to searching how to make money quick and be millionaire . Sounds super greddy.

At first time I stumble with the word SEO. So what exactly is the SEO and how come I make money with this?
On futher searching  and reading few blogs gave me a little idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I had made my mind and started to learn SEO. I had spend hours and hours watching youtube video on SEO and reading different SEO related blogs.

After getting little knowledge skills I hit the road to make some money. But, I was confused where to go, how to start so I keep knocking to different places (company) to start my carrerr as SEO Executive. Tired of getting rejected from many companies I drop my faith to being hired, but “Good things comes to those who waits” so I got in a IT Company  as SEO Executive Intern. And the rest is history.

My learning and curiosity personality helps me to learn and explore more than just SEO. So my past years of working experience & skill-sets from different companies helps me go down the extra mile to be a Digital Marketer.

So, this is my story isn’t it emotional (ha haa )? Till now I am practising and learning…

Note: I am not a perfect but trying to be one…